Artificial intelligence at the service of travel

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BienFly, how it works

Dream destinations

Simply indicate your city of departure, as well as the destination of your choice.

Travel cheap

Get the best prices for a full year, with discounts of up to 80%.


Thanks to the notifications, follow the price evolution of several destinations live.

Find out what incredible prices our subscribers have travelled at !

Barcelona € 14

Round trip flight !

London 10 €

Round trip flight !

New York 243 €

Round trip flight !

Dubaï 171 €

Round trip flight !

We solve real existing problems

Best price

Difficulty in finding the right price the first time

Time is important

Waste of time comparing rates of different platforms

The right time

Impossible to find the best date for a trip during the year


Great difficulty to find transparent prices, without hidden fees!

No to commission

BienFly does not take any commission, with any airline

Private life

No price change with respect to the customer’s navigation

Our mission


A great knowledge

BienFly is an artificial intelligence that has learned 10 years of Data of prices, offers, discounts, dates, and changes made by airlines !

Perfect anticipation

Today, BienFly's artificial intelligence anticipates market fluctuations and is able to estimate airfares one year in advance, with a price difference of no more than 5 euros !

Inover the world of travel

This is an incredible achievement and a huge step forward in the travel industry.